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Backflow testing is done annually, required by the State of California and your local Water District. Your local water purveyor will send you a notification when your test is due.

After we test your assembly, we handle all paperwork and send the Water District the official certificate. We will send the test results to the city on completion of the job.

We also send you a copy for your records. If your backflow assembly does not pass the test it will need to be repaired or, occasionally, replaced.


Backflow assemblies periodically fail the test and need to be repaired. Sometimes we just need to pull it apart, clean it and remove any debris that has accumulated inside the assembly. Other times parts are worn and need to be replaced.


Installations are done according to city codes and water district requirements.

You will be notified by your local department about any changes that may be necessary to prevent cross-connections.


Occasionally wear, corrosion, rust, and/or obsolescence make it necessary to replace your backflow assembly.

We are experienced in replacing all sizes, makes and models of backflow assemblies in all settings.

Huge fire mains to small internal assemblies, way up high mounted on roofs and way down low buried in concrete vaults, we are experts doing all of it.

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